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Decode BMS Technology, Explore Battery Life Management, Improve Electric Vehicle Cruising Range

Why battery life will be a problem?

Battery pack design, due to differences in the characteristics of the monomer, the difference in the installation location, the connection impedance difference, etc. lead to the degradation of the battery characteristics, in line with the principle of the barrel

Temperature: Temperature has a great influence on life.

The depth of charge and discharge has a great influence on the life

How much space does the BMS have for operating the battery pack?

55 times difference between 55 degrees and 25 degrees battery life

4x difference in lifetime between 100% DOD and 50% DOD

Charging cut-off voltage 4.05 and 4.15 difference in life 2.5 times

Discharge rate 0.7C and 10C life difference 5 times

How does BMS improve battery life?

Control Temperature: Thermal Management Strategy

Control Discharge Depth: Discharge Strategy

Charge strategy Control charge and discharge rate

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