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A New Era, A New Journey – Godsend Power Technology Successfully Held The 2018 Annual Meeting.

          Spring returns, fresh starts for everything. At noon February 9, 2018, Godsend Power Technology welcomed the 2018 New Year grand opening at Qiandaohu Town Hilton Hotel. All employees of the company more than 400 people gathered together to welcome 2018 New Year.

    Zhang Guanfu, chairman of the board, general manager Sun Jianping made a wonderful speech at the annual meeting. Sun thanked all staff for their hard work in the past year, summarized the lessons of 2017 and pointed out that the contradictions existing in the company are, proposed new goals and requirements for the struggle, and hoped that in the new year everyone continues to "improve the quality and reduce costs", to support Godsend bigger, stronger.

    After the speech, the company commended individuals who made outstanding contribution in the field of business and presented the General Manager Special Award and the Excellent Employee Award respectively.

The annual meeting also arranged a variety of programs, men and women chorus, group dance, interactive games, which attracted the audience cheers and prolonged applause. Then came the exiting moment, the lucky draw with rich gifts, which put the activity into a very exciting and lively atmosphere.


The annual meeting came to a conclusion in a happy and peaceful atmosphere Godsend Power Technology all staff will embark on a new journey, work together to create a brilliant tomorrow!

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